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What Is Programmatic Ad Buying & Its Benefits?

Programmatic ad buying refers to the “algorithmic purchase and sale of ad space in real time.” Software automates the buying process and subsequently the placement and optimization of assorted media through a bidding system. If you are in the process of re-imagining your brand’s marketing campaigns learn why programmatic buying may be exactly what your next campaign needs.

Automatic Purchases

The automation component of programmatic ad buying makes purchasing what you want in real time easy. There is no need to rely on one or more members of your team to purchase ads from publishers directly or sweat over manual trading and insertions. This type of ad buying means you get what you want when you want it which saves you considerable time best spent elsewhere. Real-time bidding also makes it possible for media buyers to spend more time on their actual job instead of dealing with ad purchases all the time.

More Strategic Advertisements

This may be the most obvious reason to go the programmatic ad buying route; however it is arguably the most significant. The ad buying option makes determining your target audience fast and easy resulting in highly-specific ads that target exactly who you want in real time. The value of sending targeted ads to the right demographic at the right time is just plain fantastic as it equals less money wasted on marketing campaigns more impactful advertisements more traffic to your website and social media pages and more revenue. 

Reach Goals Faster

More strategic ads also means you will reach your marketing goals that much faster and what brand doesn’t want that? You will gain the high-quality leads you need and learn what works well and why so all future ad campaigns will be even more impactful. Trial-and-error ad campaigns may give you the information you want (eventually) but they also take a lot of time…and a lot of money. Programmatic ad buying eliminates these issues to give you better results without depleting the company bank account. 

Reduce Ad Fraud Possibilities

Another great reason to take full advantage of this ad buying possibility? The serious reduction in ad fraud. Ad fraud is something almost every advertiser on the planet has to deal with. However programmatic optimization combined with AI technologies is a powerful resource that makes combating ad fraud a walk in the marketing park. It ensures your latest campaign continues its course and puts your marketing money where it belongs: into more leads and conversions. Traffic pattern analyzing tells you where your clicks are coming from and how they convert so you can get rid of lower-quality leads and put your advertising funds into the leads that will actually help you reach your marketing goals.

The highly-specific ad targeting the invaluable insights the time and money saved- this type of ad buying is more than worth it. Bring the option up during your next ad campaign meeting to show your fellow team members what it can do for your brand. Or let the experts at Softline Solutions run your digital marketing campaign