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Design geo-targeted ads viewed by the businesses you want when you work with Softline Solutions. Target ads by industry, address, or business size…it’s up to you!

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Why Programmatic:

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Reach your target audience effectively.

If you’re attempting to obtain new business from a number of clients, make tantalizing offers to employees within certain industries, or acquire funds from one or more investors, it’s important to utilize the right business targeting methods. We at Softline Solutions understand that going through the “front door” isn’t always the preferred option, which is why we provide unique, highly customized business targeting solutions that place your display ads in front of the right employers, manufacturers, employees, and more at the right time.

Our IP intelligence makes it easy to deliver ads to a specific business address or category, such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant industry, or education. Reach the people you want to advertise to efficiently and with fewer challenges when you work with us.

Ads delivered to the right people at the right time.

Don’t dismiss display ads as a waste of advertising time. They remain a very relevant component of your marketing strategy that works in conjunction with other advertising means to put your brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds. Display ads help you generate new leads, establish your brand as something consumers want and need, and otherwise increase revenue numbers. It’s our job to help you determine exactly where and how to place display ads with the assistance of eye-catching ad designs, consistent optimizations, and finely tuned targeting strategies. Never waste another penny on ho-hum display ads that do little to move your target audience…work with us to create engaging ads that help your brand grow and thrive.

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Our data makes it possible to target specific sections of your audience.

Our team utilizes a cookie-free, offline database featuring individual and household-level demographics, behavioral and psychographic insights, and hundreds of attributes. We help you predict consumer behavior from an educated standpoint, allowing you to deliver display ads based on what consumers want and need.

If you want to reach only a highly targeted audience of your perfect customer with a highly specific display ad, work with the team at Softline Solutions. We geo-target your audience at the consumer level without invading privacy, so your brand enjoys higher engagement, more granular segmentation, and more revenue.

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