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There are many ways to market a franchise, but franchises are seeing a major shift toward digital marketing. To build your brand, you need an online presence that works which requires effective marketing on your website and social media.

At Softline Solutions, we understand that marketing franchises present unique challenges. Our marketing specialists focus on what franchise brands need most. This includes integrating insightful digital marketing brand strategy with national and local PR.

Why Franchise Marketing:

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How We Help You Market your Franchise

Whether you’re a franchisee looking to grow your business or a franchise looking to accelerate national brand awareness and engagement, we start with the development of a customized franchise marketing plan. Our marketing strategy is built around planning the steps needed to attain the goals you want to reach.

The process starts with a detailed analysis to determine where your brand stands in your industry. We identify strengths and weaknesses in your current strategies, and we also look at the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

This information can help bring specific goals into focus, including planning how to turn weaknesses into strengths and creating a system for measuring progress. This gives you a clear and measurable plan that sets goals and clarifies expectations of what you consider successful.

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What you can expect

Not every marketing company that claims to be a franchise marketing agency has the skills needed to drive the business growth of your franchise brand. The team at Softline Solutions can help you to:

Create and Distribute engaging content

Tell memorable stories worldwide

Consistent and recognizable marketing message

What Makes Softline Solutions Different from Other Franchise Marketing Agencies

Our full-service marketing agency provides a full array of services, which includes paid search, inbound marketing, SEO, organic social, and programmatic services which make it easy to deliver to a specific industry using geotargeting. This will allow you to reach the people you want to reach with fewer challenges, and there’s no need to hire more than one agency. This saves you time and money.

Strategy implementation

To increase leads and sales, you’ll need to implement a combination of several different strategies such as leveraging content marketing and optimizing for SEO. You’ll benefit from working with marketers who are highly skilled and experienced rather than junior staff with a limited track record. When you work with Softline Solutions, you’ll be able to tap into the expertise of a diverse team of marketing experts. We’re a top digital agency for franchises and we can provide consistent branding and detailed reporting.

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Results Driven Marketing

Softline Solutions is dedicated to providing results-driven marketing. Our content analytics platform enables franchises to make informed decisions about social media messaging and online content, and our detailed reporting lets you know how our marketing strategies are making a difference.

Whether you’re trying to succeed locally or nationally, looking for new ideas and solutions for improving sales growth, or attracting investors, we can help. If your current franchise marketing results are falling short of your goals, reach out to Softline Solutions today.


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