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Social Media Ads

Nearly 80% of potential Facebook leads are lost due to weak advertising strategy. We know you can do better.

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Why Social Media Ads

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Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook is influential. It has 1.5 billion active users. Whether you have a Facebook page or not, Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to engage users who log on the site every day. Learning how to take full advantage of Facebook is challenging for many, which is where we come in. We deal with optimized, targeted, measured ads and help marketers understand how audience targeting works within the social media platform’s unique parameters. Our team also helps clients understand what inspires users to click on social ads. It is our job to put the right ads in front of the right Facebook users.

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Why your company should get social:

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Target the right people at the right time

Facebook offers unique targeting tools that allow you to segment by location, age, and gender. It is also important to create custom audiences via finer targeting tools that result in better consumer matches for your product or service. Additionally, Audience Discovery is a pivotal part of our Facebook services, and we always take the time to discover assorted audience categories within your market to determine if they are a great fit for each other. Database advertising is also an effective means of using Facebook as a retargeting tool. A solid email list makes it possible to create clones comprised of consumers similar to those on your original list.

Facebook Advertising and optimization

Testing and analysis are necessary to optimize your Facebook campaign, which generally means sharing a wide range of content and ads across the social media platform to determine what piques consumer interest. Testing also includes assessing landing pages to make certain factors such as design, functionality, and call-to-action (CTA) are driving conversions when consumers visit your site. Facebook advertising should also work in conjunction with marketing services such as AdWords, display advertising, and more. These aspects require meticulous testing and analysis for the best possible marketing campaign results.

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