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Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers a way to display your e-commerce products to an audience that is ready to buy. With the clear goal of increasing sales revenue, any paid channel needs to be managed strategically and deliberately. That’s why our Google Shopping Services include the tools and expertise to help you make the most of this important strategy.

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Why Google Shopping

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How Google shopping works

Google Shopping is an advertising network that allows sellers to promote their online and local inventories to buyers who are searching for specific products. Rather than relying on keywords, however, Google Shopping results rely on the feed that a seller inputs.

Using this platform offers sellers a premium online presence and helps to ensure that products are seen by a much larger audience. Sellers have the opportunity to beat competitors’ prices and ultimately increase sales volume. For the best chance of having your product displayed, you will need to include optimized, correctly formatted shopping feeds which can include reviews, sizes, and prices. At Softline Solutions, we can help you understand and simplify this process.

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Better results, strong conversion rates

Google Shopping is a platform that tends to yield very strong conversion rates. Prior to clicking, potential customers have already seen your product and the price. They have the ability to compare prices in seconds. This gives you, as a seller, an amazing opportunity to leverage the platform for increased conversions.

Display your products in front of relevant potential customers

Highlight your best deals and stay ahead of your competitors.

Grow your online business and increase sales


Boost your e-commerce business

Your investments in any type of paid advertising need to deliver the best possible returns. With an expert in your corner, you will be able to make informed decisions on bid strategy and budget and continually improve your ROI in Google Shopping.

As your partner, Softline Solutions will help create and optimize your Google Shopping feeds. Your product data will be built and formatted the right way, right from the start.

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