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Must-Know Tips For PPC Managers

PPC managers or pay-per-click managers have seemingly-endless to-do lists. If you are one of these managers and are relatively new to the PPC game do not panic. There are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping your work life manageable so you get the results you want.

Tip#1: Have Morning Check-Ins

Daily check-ins with your team in the morning is one of the best ways to make PPC management less stressful. Find out what happened with your accounts the previous day and what actions are best to maintain if not improve said accounts. Morning check-ins are particularly important for new campaigns as they make it easier to get your team the information they need for successful days at work. Use your morning meetings to check ad spending track leads add negative keywords identify campaign inconsistencies and otherwise follow each PPC channel performance.

Tip #2: Get Smart About Your Keywords

Most if not all of your campaigns contain keywords you are unsure about. Get rid of them especially if they cost your clients a lot and save them for search ad remarketing lists. You should also remain aware of negative keywords. Using negative keywords removes advertisements containing keywords that can potentially put ads before the wrong audiences.

Tip #3: Test Frequently

Testing ad copy landing pages keywords and all other elements making up these campaigns is something PPC managers need to do all the time. This is the best way to discover what is working for your campaigns and what needs the old heave-ho. Consider implementing a testing calendar so you stay aware of exactly what is being scrutinized on a daily basis.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Your Dimensions Report

The Dimensions tab in your AdWords account provides an even closer look at campaign performances and should always be utilized. Enjoy the segmented data you need with this helpful tool including paid and organic metrics search terms call extension details and the hours/days/weeks/months your campaigns perform best in. These are merely some of the favorite categories of successful PPC managers as they all provide the highly-detailed information they need to refine their campaigns and move forward. The search terms tool for example makes it easy to learn which keywords equal conversion success and which belong in the negative column.

Tip #5: Save Time with Bulk Actions

One of the arguably best time-saving tips for PPC managers is doing things in bulk. AdWords Editor 9.8.1 makes this possible whether you are adding to your current campaigns deleting them or simply editing them. You have plenty to do as a manager of the PPC realm so any time-saving options are true gifts. Using AdWords Editor 9.8.1 for these tasks is strongly recommended as the standard AdWords option makes editing much more challenging particularly when dealing with a long keyword list.

Make life as a pay-per-click manager easier with these and similar tips…and enjoy the results (and way fewer headaches). For help with more digital marketing tips contact Softline Solutions!