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How to Drive Paid Traffic That Converts

Paid traffic can be a great source of visitors to your website. If paid ads are properly optimized, you can begin getting visits the day you launch. Increased traffic alone isn’t enough unless it generates more leads and sales. 

Paid traffic can come from several different sources including:

  • Paid search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Display ads
  • Sponsored content
  • Social media ads

For paid traffic to be worth the cost, the visitors you attract should be very interested in what you have to offer and likely to make a purchase. Increased traffic numbers will only benefit your business if your traffic actually converts.

The Importance of Planning for Paid Traffic

You may have heard people say that paid traffic doesn’t work, but when paid traffic fails, it’s usually because there was little or no planning ahead of time. Before you spend a dime, thoroughly research your target audience along with possible marketing channels and think through a clear marketing message.

It’s also important to take the time to plan your budget. The cost per click can vary depending on your industry, and keywords can vary widely in competition and price. Plan how much you’re willing to spend and what return you expect to get from your paid traffic. 

Create Compelling Copy

Compelling copy for your PPC ad starts with a targeted headline that lets prospects know what’s in it for them. Consider what your audience needs and how your solution can help. Study what your competitors are doing and think about how you can outperform them. Tweak your ad copy and test more than one version of your headline and ad.

The copy and visuals on your landing page must be worth exploring and should be created with the buyer persona in mind. When prospects land on your website, the information they’re looking for should be easy to find and understand. Advertise on multiple platforms to get your message in front of potential customers more frequently.

Determine What’s Working and Tweak as Needed

Pay attention to your landing page bounce rate and time spent on the page to help determine how appealing your message is to visitors. PPC automation technology uses machine learning and AI to automate bids, report on results, and help boost your traffic. 

A paid traffic strategy is a great way to increase visits to your website as long as you recognize that increased traffic isn’t all that matters. You need to attract the right visitors, those that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Getting Expert Help for Effective Paid Traffic

PPC advertising can be frustrating if what you’re spending your money on isn’t getting the results you’re hoping for. However, when you carefully plan your budget and strategy for paid traffic, there’s a good chance you can generate new leads and convert traffic into leads and sales.

If you need some help with paid search engine marketing, contact Softline Solutions. Our continuing mission is to create paid search campaigns that get you the results you want. Contact us today.