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3 Ad Copy Essentials

If your online ad copy isn’t delivering the results you want, you know you need to make changes, but it’s not always obvious what changes you should make. You might try small tweaks to wording and find that sometimes these changes make little or no difference while at other times, subtle changes end up making a noticeable difference. While you might not always be sure what changes you should focus on, there are three things that are essential to killer ad copy.

Who is the Target Audience?

Effective copy depends on knowing exactly who you’re talking to and what they care most about. People that are loyal to a brand almost always have some traits in common. Depending on your product or service, the common traits of your prospects may include traits such as gender, age group, location, and income.
It’s important to have an idea of what concerns are behind these common characteristics. This information can be leveraged to create effective ads. What is the common pain point of your prospects? What’s keeping them up at night? When you know this, you have a better idea of what your ads need to focus on.

What Stage of the Sales Funnel is Your Ad Targeting?

Prospects in different parts of the sales funnel will be interested in different things. A person who has just found out about your product and doesn’t know much about it would respond to a different approach than someone who has been following you on social media for a while and is about ready to buy.
The wording of your ad depends on the stage of the sales funnel. Introductory ads won’t interest someone who’s a regular follower of your company, while ads that are calling the user to buy will probably be ignored by brand new prospects. For either group, you may want to test different types of language, such as storytelling language or ads offering discounts.

Current Events and Context

Current events have a big effect on what’s uppermost in the minds of your prospects. Building ad copy around what’s going on economically or in the news increases the relevancy of your ad. An ad that mentions a year that’s already ended will clearly be considered outdated.
What context can you build your ad around? You might consider an economic crisis, holiday season, or the current COVID-19 pandemic. While you might not want to dwell on the pandemic in an upcoming ad, you could emphasize that your business is still open or that there are benefits to take advantage of at this time such as contact-free delivery.

Guidance from Experts

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