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Crafting a Brand Strategy

Your brand is what sets you apart, but it goes beyond your slogan or the design and colors of your logo. It’s based on the competitive advantages of doing business with you. Spending time crafting a brand strategy can define and establish your market position. The more detail you put into your brand strategy, the easier it is to visualize and plan your next move.

Why Clearly Defining Your Brand is Important

Branding is how customers recognize your company and have an idea what to expect. It clarifies what distinguishes you from your competitors and defines why they should choose your company. Your brand is built on how you wish to be seen in the marketplace.

Customers expect to have a similar brand experience across multiple platforms and channels, so consistency is imperative. Engaging content builds brand awareness and makes your message memorable.

What Does a Brand Strategy Include?

Your brand strategy is a long-term plan that focuses on developing your brand. It determines the image you want to build with your customers and what you want to be remembered for. Your messages should be consistent and cohesive. Consider what promises you’re making to your customers and what you want your brand to stand for. Are you conveying a recognizable personality in your marketing? 

Another thing to consider is your customers’ pain points and how you are the company that has the best solution for relieving their pain. Storytelling is the key to conveying this. This doesn’t mean you can be everything to everyone. Your brand should have a single clear and consistent message that resonates with your target audience and it should stimulate emotion and action.

Storytelling is key for both B2C and B2B audiences. Even when your product is technical, emotions can be used to create brand loyalty, to inspire change and to get people to change their minds.

Creativity and Conversion

Use creativity in your brand strategy to create a memorable message. The goal isn’t to make things pretty though. The goal of your creativity is customer acquisition, increasing revenue and hitting sales goals. Creating a strong brand experience is a way to give your customers what they’re looking for with a goal of improved conversions. 

Brand image and story are a good start for becoming recognizable. Use colors and visual cues that help customers recognize your brand. What are the values and culture of your brand? How about the personality of the brand? Think about what you stimulate in your customers and how you portray them in your ads. How do your goals and the goals of your customers intersect? A mission statement summarizes your organization’s purpose and can help to remind you of your brand identity. This can help ensure consistency.

Your brand won’t be defined and created overnight. There may be a lot of trial and error along the way. For expert guidance building your brand and communicating your message, get in touch with Softline Solutions. Let us help you realize your online potential.