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Attention PPC Manager: 5 Helpful Tips for Small Business PPC

ppc managerAs a small business, you might have been hesitant to go the pay-per-click route because of the cost. However, PPC remains one of the most effective ways to get your business, whatever its size or scope, in front of your target audience. If you are the newly-appointed PPC manager for a small business, take some deep breaths and use the following tips to make the management process easier.

Research, Research, Research

Do as much research as possible before diving into any PPC campaigns. Learn the cost of your selected keywords and make adjustments as necessary, review the conversion rate on your website in-depth, and do as much research as possible on your industry’s competitor level. The more you know going in, the better your campaigns will go. Keep in mind that even if the competitor level within your industry is substantial, it is still worth investing in PPC if your landing page conversion rate is on the up.

Create a Budget

Review how much your company is willing to spend on PPC campaigns. If you realize you will be spending more than you will make, look to other options, such as SEO. Remember that losing money up front is a natural part of the PPC process if you are part of a smaller company and are carrying the brunt of the load yourself. It may still be worth it as you learn what you should do…and what you should avoid.

Do a Test Run

Oversee at least one test run to avoid wasting money on PPC campaigns that do not work. Ensure you know all about your chosen advertising platform, such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads, and use a small sum of money to determine which keywords rank best and why.

Break Your Campaign Down

Break each campaign down and delegate responsibilities as necessary. Any good PPC manager knows paid search practices are broken down into four main categories: landing pages, ad text, keyword research, and keyword grouping. These four areas must align to provide you with the results you want. Do not feel bad about delegating some of your responsibilities–it is better to make certain every area is covered than trying to do it all yourself.

As a PPC Manager, Make Optimization a Weekly Thing

Avoid wasting precious company money by making PPC management a weekly task. Inspect keyword performance as well as ad copy, and make adjustments as necessary. Do not be afraid to turn a keyword into a negative keyword if its conversion rate is low or it does not appeal to your target audience. It is also a good idea to experiment with ad titles so the ones you end up with are truly the ones that perform well. Routine, weekly management allows for any corrections–and more efficient, well-performing PPC campaigns.

Remember, a little management goes a long way. Do the work to see the results you want quickly. Your coworkers will thank you as the conversions and subsequent revenue roll in. For help with your PPC management campaign, contact Softline Solutions today!