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5 AdWords Management Tips


AdWords management does not have to be stressful. It does not have to be difficult. It does not have to be anything other than a helpful marketing tool that puts your brand where you want it in the minds of your target audience. Make AdWords management as easy-peasy as possible by putting the following tips into practice:

1. Use Actual Landing Pages Instead Of Your Home Page

Using your home page as your landing page seems like a good idea in theory yet said page is probably not written and formatted for a specific portion of your target audience. Landing pages provide the opportunity to target each segment so everyone who benefits from your products or services discovers why your brand rocks. Ensure your AdWords campaigns link to the correct home pages to get more from your advertising efforts.

2. Don’t Forget About Negative Keyword Targeting

Negative keyword usage prevents consumers from seeing ads that have nothing to do with what they are searching for. They are similar to other keywords in your campaign not the advertised content. Using negative keywords brings higher-quality traffic to your landing pages while simultaneously helping your Google AdWords Quality Score.

3. Refine Ads with Geotargeting

Geotargeting filters your ads even further to help garner the high-quality leads you crave. This type of targeting is especially helpful for pay-per-click AdWords campaigns which cost money. Geo-targeted ads reach the right people in the right regions of the country so your money–and your PPCs–do not go to waste. Bidding negative amounts for specific regions is the best way to put your ads in front of the right people because you will not have to worry about people in Massachusetts seeing an ad meant for residents of Nebraska.

4. Remarket

Google’s remarketing option is a wondrous AdWords tool so long as you have the correct configuration in Google Analytics. The tool entitled Smart Lists uses the search engine giant’s significant data capabilities to track who visits your website AND identifies who is most likely to become a customer. Google puts this data back into your AdWords so you can use the info for remarketing purposes. This outstanding tool is another great way to get more for your AdWords campaigns.

5. Test Test and Test Some More for Optimal AdWords Management

Testing is essential to any successful AdWords campaign otherwise you are blindly advertising and hoping for the best. Test to learn which keywords are ideal and to subsequently create on-point landing pages and email campaigns. Run one test at a time and use the results to adjust your campaigns wherever needed. Testing also helps you create ad variations so you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Remember AdWords management is more about testing and tweaking than anything else. Use everything Google Analytics has to offer so you can enjoy the traffic conversions and revenue you deserve. As with many things in life a little management goes a long long way in marketing success.

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