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Why Remarketing Is So Important

Remarketing is marketing to the same prospects multiple times. It is extremely important because very few prospects will make a purchase the first time they visit your website or are exposed to your brand. Remarketing can be done through email social media and many other ways.

Offline Remarketing

The goal of remarketing is to remind your target audience about your brand and what you stand for. Offline this can be done by using billboards signs and phone calls. If a billboard advertising your product or service appears several times along the same road it reminds your prospects to consider choosing you.

A common remarketing tactic is to follow up with prospects by calling them on the phone. While some may find this annoying others will take it as a reminder of your brand or product.

Remarketing Through Email

Once you have a prospect’s email address you have a great opportunity to remarket to them in subtle ways. Prospects will probably be offended if every email seems to be a hard sell but there are ways to approach a prospect that are less blatant. If they left something in their cart and clicked away from your site an email with a gentle reminder and a discount coupon that’s good for a limited amount of time may get them back.

Suggestions of similar products to ones they have already purchased or considered may also encourage a sale or a return to your website.

Remarketing Using Social Media

Social media offers a powerful platform for reminding people about your brand. It can be used to market to new prospects. When you have prospects who are already engaged and your posts are directed at them this is a form of remarketing. Consider using surveys or contests to stimulate feedback and interest.

You can also encourage your engaged audience to interact with you on other platforms such as giving a reason to those who are engaged on Facebook to also interact with you on Twitter or Instagram.

Reasons to Include Remarketing in Your Business Strategies

If you aren’t using remarketing in your business strategies you are probably losing out on a lot of potential sales and customers. Few people will make a purchase on their first visit to your website. They may need some time to think about it or compare with other options. Remarketing will allow you to give them reasons to choose you.

Pay-per-click is a great way to entice visitors to return to your site. Slight tweaks to the wording of ads can show prospects a different side of your business and stimulate curiosity. Your goal is to find a way to convert a prospect into a lead so when you show different ads that emphasize different aspects of your brand it can help determine the best wording or approach for an improved conversion rate.

Learning More About Remarketing

Figuring out the best way of remarketing to prospects can take effort along with trial and error. The experts at Softline Solutions can help reduce the learning curve. Learn more about adding remarketing to your digital strategy by contacting us today.