Nowadays, Marketing Also Means Re-Marketing

Did you know 98% of your traffic will leave your site without converting? Why not remarket to your potential customers?

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Remarketing allows you to reach out to previous visitors and entice them with various incentives that get them back on your site making purchases. Think of it as a friendly reminder that lets potential leads know you are still here and want to help them. We go beyond showing relevant remarketing ads to your leads, as we have developed proprietary technology that customizes landing pages as needed based on factors such as user location, weather, special offers, and much, much more.

Google Remarketing

Google’s display network is our number-one remarketing option, and a powerful tool for staying on consumer minds after they leave your site. The platform allows you to retarget ads specific to pages or products on your website, resulting in highly-customized advertisements targeted to specific sections of your audience.

Dynamic Remarketing

PPC advertising often presents challenges to online retail and ecommerce companies, however solutions lie in dynamic remarketing. It makes it possible to build a single, adjustable product inventory feed featuring products previously viewed by consumers. This automated process requires reminds indecisive consumers of their previous interest in your brand.

Social Remarketing

It’s likely that your target audience spends a lot of time on social media, so why not remarket your ads on these platforms? They will appear in your consumers’ news feeds with personalized messages that increase conversions and revenue. Social media is a powerful audience segmentation tool that practically guarantees consumers will see your ads.

The Secret Sauce

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