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Use Evergreen Content in Your Year-Round Content Marketing

The goal of an effective online marketing strategy is to reach the right people at the right time, which means providing solutions to prospects at the exact moment they need it. One way to do this is by including evergreen content in your content marketing strategy. Like trees that stay green and don’t go dormant, evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of style. 

Why Use Evergreen Content?

The content being posted by your brand needs to be relevant, and you may spend a lot of time creating content that aligns with current trends. The problem with this is that trends fade and your content about things that are no longer trending can seem like old news. Yet constantly coming up with new content may not be sustainable. 

The solution is to include evergreen content, which is content that stands the test of time and remains relevant long after it’s published. It can be in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, how-to guides and infographics. With evergreen content included in your content marketing strategy, prospects who view your content always find something worth checking out.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

There are plenty of benefits to including evergreen content in your content marketing. Here are a few of them:

  • It can generate growth in followers, subscribers and customers.
  • You don’t have to worry about taking it down for being outdated or obsolete
  • It can help you move up in search engine rankings
  • It attracts backlinks

It continues to work for your brand long after it’s published. It’s information that’s valuable to your customers and your brand and will continue to be valuable in the future.

Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is written about topics that don’t change much over time. Think about your existing content and which pieces continually attract visitors. They’re not tied to holidays or a specific date. 

To create evergreen content, think about what people will still be interested in a year or two from now. Examples include:

  • How to guides and tutorials
  • Answers to frequently asked questions in your industry
  • History of things related to your industry
  • Pros and cons
  • Top tips
  • List of resources
  • Common mistakes in your industry
  • Best and worst practices

You may have some existing content that can be tweaked to be evergreen content by removing timely or dated information, and this is likely to take a lot less time than creating new content from scratch. Link evergreen content to other evergreen content. Expand some of your existing evergreen content to include more in-depth information

Build a Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy starts with creating content consistently. Tweaking and reposting topics that are always of interest is a great way to keeps your content fresh and your brand top of mind for your prospects.

Your content marketing is part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. If you don’t feel confident that you’re connecting with the right customers at the right time on the right platform, reach out to Softline Solutions. We can help you attract, engage and convert and get closer to realizing your online potential.