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The Impact of Apple’s iOS14.5 on Facebook Advertising

Apple’s recent update to iOS14.5 requires Facebook advertisers to show a prompt to users asking their permission to have activity tracked across other websites and apps. This change gives users the ability to block ad tracking. There’s no doubt this will have an impact on marketers who rely on ad tracking to monitor conversions.

Facebook announced last year that these changes were coming. Apple’s update to iOS14.5 started in April 2021, and Facebook advertisers are beginning to notice the impact this change is having on targeted marketing.

What’s Changing in Facebook Advertising

This update is meant to be a way for Facebook users to have better privacy and take a step toward having control of their personal data. More and more Apple customers who are Facebook users are opting out of tracking. That means if a consumer using an Apple device takes an action such as add to cart, view content, or if they make a purchase or engage with one of your ads in another way, their action may be blocked from your ad results, giving you incomplete information on conversions. 

Facebook won’t be able to share information with you on consumers who opt out of tracking. When you look at your data, you’ll find that some data may be missing or showing as an estimate. Incomplete tracking data is likely to lead to shrinking retargeting and lookalike audiences.

What to Do About Facebook Tracking Limitations

Many marketers use Facebook ads as a big part of their digital marketing strategy. While it’s understandable for customers to want to protect their privacy, with incomplete tracking data, marketers can’t measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and can’t present to consumers ads that are relevant to them.

The last thing marketers want is to end up with wasteful ad spend on Facebook advertising. Because of Facebook’s tracking limitations, you’ll need to make some changes. The first step you can take is to focus on targeting Android devices since this update only affects Apple users. This can be done by going to Specific Mobile Devices & Operating Systems and choosing Android only.

Start exploring other digital marketing strategies. While Facebook is a platform with millions of users, it’s not the only platform that you can use to reach your target audience. Use other lead generation campaigns with dedicated landing pages and capture the contact information from prospects as early as possible.

Getting Expert Help with Lead Generation and Digital Marketing

If digital marketing strategies you’ve been using aren’t as effective as they used to be or if you’re starting to be impacted by Apple’s recent update, it’s time to get help from digital marketing professionals. The experts at Softline Solutions can work with you to generate leads and nurture the interest of prospects using several different strategies. We can help you to continue to be profitable with Facebook advertising, and we can also help you to spread brand awareness in other ways such as display ads, paid search, and inbound marketing. If you’re ready to realize your online potential, get in touch with Softline Solutions today.