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Reasons Google Ads May Not Be Converting

When you run a Google Ads campaign, you’re hoping for a specific result such as signing up for an email list or purchasing a product. When your ads aren’t converting, you’re not getting the results you know you could be getting. It’s time to pinpoint the source of the problem and make the changes needed for success in Google Ads.

High Expectations

Marketers sometimes have expectations that are unrealistically high. There’s a difference between ads that aren’t converting as well as you hoped and ads that aren’t converting at all. Some campaigns are likely to result in better conversions than others. Across all industries, average conversion rates are around 7%. Before comparing your results to that rate, look at average conversion rates of other businesses in your industry.

Different industries have different average conversion rates. Two industries that have average conversion rates over 13% are Physicians and Surgeons and Automotive Repair, Services and Parts. At the opposite extreme with average conversion rates under 3% are Furniture and Apparel such as fashion and jewelry.

Seasonal Fluctuations

For effective conversions, it’s imperative for you to know your target audience. This includes knowing what time of day or time of year they’re most likely to be responsive. You may see dips and spikes during some seasons or times of the day. Pay close attention to seasonal or daily fluctuations, and if you’re able to identify patterns, adjust your campaigns and bids based on this information.

Recent economic trends have caused most industries to have a noticeable dip in conversions. Many industries have seen a drop in conversion rates that measures in double digits. Across all industries, this drop averages just under 20%.

Not Being Competitive Enough

Google Ads can be very competitive. The goal is to get clicks at the lowest possible cost, but bidding too low won’t get the results you’re looking for. Another issue may be that your budget is too low. When your budget doesn’t allow you to be competitive, Google may mark the status “Limited by budget” and lower your bids to make your ads last longer. You’ll need to determine what you need to bid to appear high enough for conversions and clicks.

Consider whether the problem could be related to the keywords you’ve chosen to target. Use long-tail keywords and keywords that target purchase intent, such as “compare” or “buy”.

Generating Brand Awareness

Keep in mind that if you haven’t generated enough brand awareness, people may not click on your ad because they’ve never heard of your company. Use a multi-channel marketing strategy to promote your brand across the web. Try using marketing strategies like organic SEO and email marketing and run ads on social media and Google Display Network.

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