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Programmatic Advertising: Benefits for Any Internet Marketing Company

internet marketing companyProgrammatic advertising refers to the real time, algorithmic purchase and sale of advertising space. Software automates the purchase of media inventory, which is then optimized and placed using a bidding system. Before this innovative ad space buying option took root, digital ads were bought and sold exclusively by people, which often resulted in human error-related issues in addition to expense. Learn a few reasons why you should consider this efficient internet marketing company service as part of future marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Data Reporting and Measurement

Programmatic advertising provides marketers with the real-time data reporting and measurement they crave. The ad option makes it possible to measure their targeting with the utmost precision immediately after a new campaign is launched. Print advertising and other traditional options mean you have to wait until the campaign is complete before finding out how effective it was. Programmatic advertising eliminates waiting time completely.


The transparency programmatic advertising brings is difficult to compete with. It provides marketers with the opportunity to see exactly how their ads are performing across a variety of platforms, including which sites are picking up the ads as well as the related costs. Again, all of this information is available in real time to finely-tune ad campaigns as needed.

Increased Reach

The potential reach programmatic advertising brings compared to traditional avenues is staggering. The internet is surfed by as many as 3.5 billion people on any given day, which equals serious reach possibilities far beyond a freeway billboard. Advertisers get to see exactly how many people their ads are reaching whenever they choose, such as an hourly or daily basis.

Better Targeting

A well-targeted marketing campaign is key in reaching a desired demographic. Programmatic advertising provides optimal targeting because it offers IP targeting, category and site targeting, and geolocation targeting. It also provides the chance to retarget customers who have visited the company site. This advertising option subsequently makes it easy to create a well-targeted marketing campaign that appeals to businesses, specific locations, or niches as desired.

More Efficient Internet Marketing Company Advertising

Finally, programmatic advertising is simply one of the most efficient marketing options currently available. The winning combination of real-time tracking, meticulous targeting, and on-point optimization results in the highly-efficient campaigns marketers need to spend their advertising dollars wisely. They advertise to the businesses or groups of people they want to without compromising their budgets.

Work with an internet marketing company who can help streamline programmatic advertising for you, and see the results you want quickly. Contact Softline Solutions today for your digital advertising needs!