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Manage Adwords Back-To-School Campaigns With These 5 Tips

manage adwords back to schoolPlanning your back-to-school ad campaign now might seem strange since school just got out; however, searches for school supplies and related products begin in July. It is therefore a super-great idea to manage adwords accordingly and determine how you are going to target parents, teachers, administrators…you get the idea. Read on for a few key back-to-school campaign planning tips.

Separate Campaigns Based on Who’s Buying

Create specific campaigns based on who will be purchasing your back-to-school products. This means spending more money to craft separate ad campaigns targeted to different segments of your audience. About 32 percent of back-to-school shoppers are between the ages of 35 to 49, with 31 percent in the 50 to 64 age bracket. The majority of these shoppers are women and–wait for it–moms. However, it is still important to keep influencers in mind, such as kids asking for certain backpacks and college freshmen in need of mini fridges.

Examine the Trends

Determine what your shoppers are looking for by analyzing trends related to your products and services. Find not only the most-searched items, but the days and times these items are searched for most. Some 59 percent of back-to-school searches are for clothes and shoes, and the highest click-through rates for these products are in July and August. Once you have done the research, optimize your campaigns to include things such as sale pricing and merchant promotions. Highlighting local inventory is another idea that will help you manage adwords.

Remember Those Unexpected Searches

Keep in mind that not all back-to-school shopping is for clothes, shoes, pencils, notebooks, erasers, and similar products. If you do not sell any of these things, you may think back-to-school shopping does not apply to you. However, some searches are for bed and bath products. College kids represent a significant portion of the back-to-school shopping industry, so remember to optimize these products if you have them. Technology is another huge category, and shoppers generally do a whole lot of research online before purchasing a laptop or printer.

Manage Adwords with These Additional Tips

Find out where your consumers are spending the most time online for more strategic ad placement. Most shoppers buy what they need from three websites only, so determining where purchases are being made is key to campaign success. Think about unbranded as well as branded searches when formulating campaigns, as many searches are for things like “best deals tablets” and “shirts for teen girls.”

Utilize these tips to maximize your back-to-school shopping ROI. Or for help with your digital marketing management, contact Softline Solutions today!