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Leverage LinkedIn for Greater Visibility

If you’re looking for greater visibility, LinkedIn is the way to go. Are you taking advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer when it comes to marketing your business? There are many options for connecting with prospects and customers on this platform.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used on most social media platforms to help make your content discoverable. When you add a hashtag to your content, you increase the chance that your content will end up in the feed of people in your target audience. Create a post and include hashtags at the end of it. This can be done by typing them in manually or clicking on the suggestions made by LinkedIn when you click “Add a hashtag”. 

Publish an Article

When you publish an article on LinkedIn, you have an opportunity to provide more in-depth information than you can in posts. From your company page, click “Write article.” You can either create completely new content or you can repurpose existing content to give your original content added exposure. The long-form content you publish on LinkedIn can be shared on LinkedIn and can also appear in other search engines which may increase your reach outside LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Live

Did you know you can stream live videos on LinkedIn? Doing videos on LinkedIn is likely to expand your reach because so few people post videos on this platform. Videos allow people to start to get to know the real you rather than whoever they imagined you to be when you only posted through written content. You can post a prerecorded video or stream live. Live videos tend to get more comments and reactions.

Start a Newsletter on LinkedIn

A newsletter on LinkedIn looks like an article with one big difference. People can subscribe to your newsletter and they can receive a notification whenever you publish a new issue. Readers can comment on newsletters and share them on their own profiles. To take advantage of this feature, turn on creator mode from your dashboard. Choose “Write article” and then choose “Newsletter” from the list of options.

LinkedIn Ads

To see results more quickly, consider using LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn’s Audience Expansion tool can help you to connect with more people who are similar to your target audience. Matched Audiences is another tool that can help you fine-tune your LinkedIn ad targeting. Experiment with concise ad copy and run split tests to make sure you’re running the most effective campaign.

Working with Social Media Experts

Social media is a powerful tool for building your brand and engaging with your target audience. If your social marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you want, consider working with digital marketing experts. Whether you need guidance with organic social or with paid social media ads, Softline Solutions can help. We want to help you build your online presence by helping you target the right people at the right time on the right platform for better reach and more conversions. Contact Softline Solutions today.