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Join The Ranks Of AdWords Experts With These 5 Tips

adwords experts tipsCreating AdWords headlines is generally not the most exciting aspect of marketing. Despite the fact that you only have to use a few words, figuring out which words to use can take hours. Rather than spending precious time toiling over AdWords headlines, add your name to the community of AdWords experts with a few key tips. The following ideas make creating AdWords headlines a little less stressful. Read on, and be enlightened.

Tip #1: Keep It Sweet and Simple

Create AdWords copy that is short, sweet, and gets to the point fast. Make it clear to your target audience what you want to get across with direct wording that invokes a reaction, such as wanting to purchase that candy bar or buy that new phone. The winning formula of keyword + benefit will help you craft headlines that get people talking.

Tip #2: Go Local

Target your local audience with a hyper-localized AdWords strategy. Law firms, pest control companies, and plastic surgery clinics are examples of businesses that compete on a local level and probably research their best keywords and their locations to see what comes up. This is another tried-and-true, short-and-sweet strategy that makes it easy to create a variety of AdWords headlines. For example, if you are operating a pest control company out of Los Angeles, you would create headlines such as “Pest Control West Hollywood: Effective and Affordable” and go from there. All you would need to do is switch the location, such as “Pest Control Orange County” to make a new headline.

Tip #3: Offer Incentives

Offer incentives to turn prospects into customers and yourself into one of the few AdWords experts. Providing click-worthy incentives is not exactly a new strategy, but it sure does work wonders. Free shipping is always a fantastic incentive, as are buy one get one deals, codes for up to 50 percent off certain products, etc. Incentives that offer solutions to problems, such as free shipping, and numbers such as 40 percent off a service, are considered especially effective in the marketing world. Combining both in one AdWords headline is even better.

Tip #4: Use Specific Numbers

Add numbers to your headlines to increase your credibility and pique audience interest. Odd numbers in headlines such as “a 219 percent increase” or “a savings of $411” appear too specific to be made up. They also provide a way to tell a story and help emphasize the value customers can expect if they choose your products or services.

Tip #5: Ask Questions and Cement Your Place in the AdWords Experts Pantheon

Come up with headlines that ask questions instead of those that make statements. Questions are yet another way to pique interest, whereas a statement, even one that is somewhat interesting, is more likely to be passed over. “Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?” is merely one example that asks a question and provides a click-through solution.

Keep these tips in mind and see how much better your headlines perform. For help with your PPC campaigns, contact the seasoned experts at Softline Solutions.