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How iOS14 Has Impacted Digital Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook released the new technology that allowed marketers on Facebook to retarget website visitors and track website conversions. The development of pixels meant marketers had access to information that allowed retargeting of people who had shown interest so they could be reminded about available products.

If you’ve been relying on this technology to run effective advertising for your business, iOS14 may have disrupted your metrics and made it much more difficult to run effective advertising campaigns.

What Changed with iOS14?

With iOS14, Apple implemented an update that has allowed users to opt-out of allowing 3rd party apps to track their activities. This makes it harder to retarget, which is to remind an interesting prospect that they’ve shown interest in what you have to offer. Previously you could nudge a prospect who put a product in their cart but didn’t complete their purchase and remind them that they almost made this purchase. You could offer a discount coupon and sometimes close the sale.

iOS14 is seen as an improvement in the protection of consumer privacy, so it’s seen as a win for consumers. Not so much for marketers.

Getting Your Marketing Back on Track

If you’ve felt derailed by iOS14, all is not lost. Some users will opt-in to share their data so that they’ll continue to receive a personalized experience on Facebook.

Many marketers remember how digital marketing worked before pixels made targeted marketing so much easier. There are still ways to be successful at digital marketing despite changes brought about by iOS14. What are some things you can do to get your marketing back on track?

  • Protect your advertising budget – Facebook automated rules can protect you from overspending. Decide the most you’re willing to spend to get a purchase or lead. Set your max CPL as well as max CPC and max CPM.
  • Closely monitor your conversion platform – Pay attention to what advertising channels are driving conversions. 
  • Use other data for retargeting – Retarget individuals who have engaged with your content. Run video view campaigns and use email upload lists to build lookalike audiences.

This update most strongly impacts marketers who depend heavily on data gathered from iPhone apps. It’s a clear reminder of the importance of diversifying your marketing strategy. Instead of relying primarily on Facebook, branch out into using other options such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. 

Shift your focus to building trusted relationships with your customers through email marketing and online engagement. Email marketing is a powerful tool because those who have signed up for your list have already shown interest in what you have to offer. 

Changing with the Times

The one thing you can count on in the world of digital marketing is change. Marketers have to pay attention to what’s changing and explore what other paths are available when change happens. Even though iOS14 takes away some tools that marketers have been using, there are other marketing strategies to focus on. 

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