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How A Paid Search Marketing Service Uses FAQs for SEO

paid search marketing serviceFrequently asked questions, which are commonly found on FAQ pages, are simple explanations for common user/customer questions organized in a list for easy scanning. We’ve all used a FAQ page at one time or another, but there’s more to these informative landing pages than meets the eye. A paid search marketing service that understands how to harness the power of these pages will reap rewards for their clients.

Build a Better Customer Experience

The obvious reason to build a FAQ page is to help customers find the answers they need quickly and easily. By making common questions and answers accessible, you can help customer service reps avoid unnecessary phone calls, and free up their time for calls that require expert assistance or complex problem solving.

The faster a customer can find relief, the faster they’ll move on to more important decisions, like whether or not to buy the product/service being offered. Moreover, taking the time to build a robust FAQ page(s) builds authoritative credibility and lets people know a business can be a resource on topics related to what they’re selling.

Drive More Organic/Paid Traffic

Because FAQ pages specifically answer questions people are searching for, they’re a great way to pump up the SEO juice in organic searches. FAQ pages should focus on a single topic, if you have multiple topics use multiple FAQ pages to optimize their performance. A tightly worded and useful FAQ page will optimize itself for search, and may even appear in search Snippets at the top of a search page.

FAQ pages can also be used as sitelinks for Adwords. Sitelink extensions can direct users to unique pages throughout your website; these links appear at the top and bottom of Google searches.

If a user sees your ad and browses the sitelinks, they may react to a FAQ link instead of the ad offering. Either way, the charge for the click is the same, but you’re able to cast a wider, more complete net, with the use of additional sitelink extensions.

What’s more, you can use FAQ’s themselves to drive more traffic in specific PPC campaigns, and you’ll have access to detailed data about the clicks you earn, which may help optimize those pages even further.

Repurposing FAQ Content

Lastly, FAQ pages can take a while to develop, but once you’ve managed to get them done, they’re done! The time and resources poured into making these important pages can incite and inform subsequent content.

Use developed FAQ pages to spur ideas on social media, infographics, newsletters, and better email campaigns. A paid search marketing service can help extrapolate good information from a FAQ page and spin it into all kinds of interesting content.

FAQ pages can also be turned into click-worthy PDF offerings, which can be extended to users who opt-in to a subscriber list, or given away for free to users who need more time/information to make a purchase decision. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t wait to start, or beef up an existing FAQ page. Be sure to track your progress and adjustments to ensure the best results. Let Softline Solutions help you incorporate FAQ’s and other search-friendly content elements in your search marketing campaigns.