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Getting Started with Instagram Explore Ads

People go to Instagram’s Explore page when they’re looking to discover something new. They’re usually trying to find new and interesting content from people and brands that they aren’t already following. The bottom line is that it’s an engaged audience of people interested in having new experiences and connecting with new brands.

Why You Should Try Instagram Explore Ads

There are more than 200,000 daily active users of the Explore page. Half of the accounts on Instagram visit this page at least once a month, and the more placement opportunities you have for your ads, the better. 

Instagram Explore Ads give marketers a chance to show sponsored content on the Explore page. Content is tailored to the interests and past behaviors of the viewers, which means users on the Explore page are there to browse videos and images that are likely to be interesting to them. 

This gives you an opportunity to connect with new followers while they’re in discovery mode. A great thing about Instagram Explore Ads is that you can use the creatives you’re already using for other Instagram and Facebook Ads. You don’t have to modify what you’ve already done. 

Creating Instagram Explore Ads

Creating these ads is done the same way you create other ads in Facebook Ads Manager. Start by choosing your objectives, such as traffic, lead generation, engagement, or video views. Set up an offer and customize your schedule and budget. 

Determine who you want to see your ad. You can use any targeting strategy you want. Remember that Instagram Explore is an excellent place to introduce your content to new customers. Use lookalike audiences, behavior targeting, and demographic targeting to try to interest cold audiences. Decide whether to use automatic or manual placement. You can choose to have new ads run just in the explore section, or you can run your ads in as many placements as you can.

Choose images, video, and ad format. Preview individual placements to check how each ad will appear. Once you’ve double-checked your ad, you can submit it for approval. 

Effective Advertising in Instagram Explorer

To find out what’s most effective, test different creatives. Run split tests on visuals and copy and pay attention to what’s working and what isn’t. Your ads should be geared to catch the attention of cold audiences. Tell them why your brand is the one they want to do business with. You may want to test Reels-style content, which can show up in both Reels ads and Explore Ads. Crop content manually to make sure it fits.

Better Social Media Results with the Help of Experts

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