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Getting Started with Amazon DSP

If you’re looking for new ways to reach prospects and increase conversions, consider Amazon Advertising. When you think of trying to reach your audience through a channel mix that includes display advertising, video ads, and audio ads, you may not think of Amazon Demand Side Platform, also called Amazon DSP. This is a type of software that provides centralized media buying from multiple sources.

Using Amazon DSP, you’ll be driving prospects to your website, not to Amazon. You’ll have a chance to take advantage of the network owned by Amazon sites and partner exchanges they connect to. You’ll also benefit from Amazon’s extensive knowledge of the searches a customer has performed as well as their purchase history.

How to Get Started

DSP is available both to marketers who sell on Amazon and those who don’t. Even if you have an Amazon Ad Console account for running options such as Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, or Product Display Ads, you’ll still need to create a separate account for Amazon DSP. There are similarities and differences between DSP and Google Display Network (GDN). While Google Display builder provides automated templates, DSP doesn’t. 

Similar to GDN, you’ll need assets created to Amazon’s specifications, which may include short and interstitial videos or banners. It takes time for impressions to build in either platform and time for data on performance to be available.

Where Will Your Ads Show?

Amazon DSP allows you to reach audiences both on and off Amazon. This includes Amazon-owned sites and apps such as Audible and IMDB. It also includes third-party providers. Search marketers may want to start with dynamic ad targeting in-market audiences. This targets people who searched for or bought products similar to yours in the last 30 days. It’s similar to the dynamic options on Google, and you can benefit from Amazon’s knowledge of responses on a per-user basis.

If you’re launching a new product, start broad and then narrow. You may not want to spend a lot on broad terms, but you can layer on demographic info such as age range and household income. You’ll gradually increase efficiency by narrowing your targeting.

When Will You See Results from Amazon DSP?

The cost of this approach is CPM-based, with an average CPM of about $4 to $6. If you have a larger catalog, you’ll need a larger budget. It takes time for campaigns to gather enough data to improve targeting, typically four to six weeks. Amazon DSP may get off to a slow start, but your results will improve with time.  

Improving Your Marketing Strategy

Amazon Advertising offers many possibilities for improving your marketing strategy. Getting guidance from experts can help you get the best ROI from your marketing efforts, whether your strategy involves PPC, social media advertising, programmatic targeting, or inbound marketing. When you work with us on your display advertising, we can help you capture user attention, create brand awareness, and attract new leads. Reach out to the experts at Softline Solutions today and find out how we can help you to reach your online potential.