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AdWords Extensions: Common Pitfalls & Optimization

As you navigate the AdWords marketing space you will naturally make mistakes and continually learn what works and what doesn’t. To skip some of the trial and error and help yourself get ahead faster here is a quick crash course in common AdWords extension pitfalls. Keep reading and you will also learn a few key optimization tips for getting your ads consistently in front of your target audience.

Mistake #1 Repetitive AdWords Extensions

Using the same extension over and over (and over again) eventually results in repetitive ad text copy. Repetition is one the easiest ways to get flagged by Google because it comes across as duplicate copy. Work with several unique extensions at a time to encourage Google to shine its search engine light on you.

Mistake #2 Generic Text

Your ad copy–that’s all of your ad copy–must shy away from the generic or the mundane. It exists to sell what is unique and fantastic about your brand to the right demographics not dissuade consumers from clicking. Creativity and uniqueness pay off in droves across a wide range of industries and SEO is 110% no exception. Show off why your company is awesome so consumers want to find out more.

Mistake #3 Lack of Split Testing

Lack of split or A/B testing is another common AdWords extension error. This type of randomized yet controlled testing via analytics software tells you which ads are performing with target markets and why as well as which aren’t. Testing is designed to improve daily click numbers among other metrics so why not take full advantage?

Mistake #4: Not Using the Full Extension Set

Failing to use the entire extension roster means you will not have all of the tools you need to seriously boost your AdWords performance. Many marketing teams set up three or four extensions instead of all 15 of them. Each extension has a specific purpose designed to help a specific part of your campaign such as the Location extension that displays your company’s address to consumers nearby. Other AdWords extensions include Callout Sitelink Seller Call Price Review Message and Structured Snippet among numerous others. Using them together means taking over more space on the front page of Google and subsequently increasing your CTR.

Mistake #5: No AdWords Extension Granulation

As important as it is to use more than three AdWords Extensions it is equally important to granulate to them. Do so in addition to split testing for best results. Apply the same granulation and testing methods to extensions that you do to keywords to improve your ad performance every day. You will be more specific with the other keywords and ads launched at the same time as your latest ad extension. Increased specificity also increases your quality score.

Optimize your extensions by avoiding these common mishaps. Use them to craft more compelling ad campaigns your target audience will not be able to resist.

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