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AdWords Consultants Reveal 3 Tips For Lowering Cost Per Click

adwords consultants tipsLanding pages are a pivotal part of any AdWords campaign, as your AdWords consultants will tell you. Ensure your cost per click (CPC) stays low by learning how to optimize these pages correctly. Landing page quality and relevancy have a direct impact on your Quality Score, which in turn has an impact on your CPC. Optimizing your landing pages also helps you improve conversion rates and save money.

Review three tips for lowering your cost per click with landing pages:

Tip #1: Keep Search Query Relevance in Mind

Ensure search query relevancy with the right keywords. Each landing page you write must feature the most relevant keyword(s). This may sound painfully obvious, but when you think about the three keyword categories in terms of intent, search query relevance becomes a lot more important. These categories are informational keywords, or those that provide answers, commercial investigation keywords, or those that are about a product or service, and transactional keywords, or those about purchasing something. Create landing pages with keyword intention in mind to boost your Quality Score and page visits.

Tip #2: Stay Focused

Focus on one issue when writing a landing page, something your AdWords consultants will always stress. Your visitors should not have to guess what the pages are about or why they clicked on them in the first place. Write about a problem, solution, goal, or proposition, and keep what you want the visitors to do in mind, such as click on your website to buy a product or learn more about why your services beat the competition. If you want your visitors to buy, add a “buy now” or “add to cart” button to the landing page. If you want your visitors to call your business…well, you can guess what to do.

Tip #3: Work With AdWords Consultants To Create Trust-Inducing Pages

Keep in mind what your AdWords consultants have likely told you: building brand trust takes time. Create a sense of trust between you and your target audience by sharing your company’s story, discussing press mentions, records your company has broken or awards it has received, including security badges, and adding ratings and reviews from happy customers. These elements are forms of “social proof” that invite visitors to trust what your company has to offer. Again, provide this information only where applicable to avoid creating muddled pages that confuse the reader.

Discuss these PPC strategies and other tips for lowering your cost per click with Softline Solutions…and see if you don’t quickly realize better results.