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5 Landing Page Design Tips Mobile Web Sites

mobile landing page designA winning mobile web design is part of any worthwhile advertising company’s strategy. Because let’s face facts, the mobile revolution is here to stay. Creating viable ad copy positioned for mobile is often the difference between successful landing page design and poorly performing content. Use the following five tips for ensuring your mobile ad copy is the marketing home run you want it to be every time:

1) Include Information About Special Offers

Including special offer prices from your latest sale, customer loyalty discount, or something else is a great way to engage your mobile consumers. If you are offering anything for free, remember to mention it, because who does not enjoy free stuff? Adding the free shipping incentive, if applicable, is also strongly recommended to capture your target audience’s attention.

2) Focus On Keywords…To A Point

Yes, focusing on keywords is important, but it should not take over your copy to the point where nothing flows anymore. Besides, too many keywords in one piece of copy is going to wave the Google red flag and make the search engine juggernaut think your stuff is spam. Keep the keywords to a minimum to sidestep this issue.

3) Add Prices

Adding prices to your mobile ad copy is important because plenty of consumers are looking for specifics to obtain the best product for the lowest price. If you are writing copy for a buy one, get one sale, list the actual price of the product. This shows customers exactly how much they will save if they visit your online or brick-and-mortar store today.

4) Encourage Multiple Purchases

Another helpful tip when creating viable mobile ad copy for your landing page design or anything else is to encourage the purchase of multiple products or services. Do this in a subtle way to help lower your CPA among other outstanding benefits, such as increased brand awareness. Use wording such as “Choose your favorites” and “Buy 2 pairs…” to get more from your ad copy.

5) Use Adjectives in Landing Page Design & Other Mobile Ad Copy

Your brand’s personality should always shine through, regardless of the copy you are creating. Consumers respond emotionally to advertisements regardless of genre, and boring, keyword-heavy copy is not going to cut, well, anything. Use adjectives to make your copy pop and encourage your consumer base to learn more. The most well-written mobile ad copy or landing page is not going to do much if it does not engage the reader and hold the person’s attention for at least 30 seconds.

Do not forget to write a killer call-to-action as well to help your mobile ad copy leap off the screen and remain in the minds of your target demographic.

Use these tips to move forward with your mobile advertising efforts. The right ads have the power to move mobile consumers and make them buy your product or service in droves. Contact Softline Solutions today to find out how we can help your mobile marketing and all other digital advertising efforts.