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5 Ideas to Promote Website Content Through Social Media

Promote website content easily and effectively by taking full advantage of everything social media has to offer. Your Facebook Twitter Instagram and other social media platforms provide the opportunity to reach hundreds thousands or tens of thousands of consumers who just might find your brand is their new favorite. Experiment with the following ideas to determine what works for your website content needs.

1. Show Off Your Latest Tutorials

Perhaps you regularly film short tutorials or other videos featuring highly-useful information your fans and followers will value. Create catchy headlines above links when posting your latest videos. Your site will enjoy more traffic and those interested in your videos will very likely see what else your brand has to offer. Another benefit of tutorials and information-based videos? They secure your brand as one that wants to help its audience.

2. Link To Every Promotion & Special

Why have social media if you are not using it to announce every single deal promotion and special your brand offers? Whether it’s a two-for-one special a 20 percent discount on new inventory a buy-one-get-one-free deal a nifty promotional event or anything else that will have consumers visiting your online or brick-and-mortar store in droves let your social media followers know. Go a step further if you like with exclusive promotional codes available only to your fans. They will love the special access…and you will love the patronage.

3. Ask For Suggestions

Encourage your target audience to participate in polls or suggest how your brand can improve. This again shows that you value your fans and want their feedback so your brand can serve them better. Post links to your social media pages asking your followers to write suggestions and related comments on your website. Again you can take this idea to the next level by offering a special website-only deal in exchange for audience opinions.

4. Post Blog Links

Enjoy a bigger blog following by posting links from your website’s blog to your social media accounts. Ensure your blog always provides value to the reader and is not merely advertising your brand over and over. Feel free to recycle old blogs as well as long as they are “evergreen” in nature as it is a great way to get these blogs read by more people. Share links to guest posts on your website as well.

5. Share Your Newest Products

Promote website content by posting your latest and greatest product line to your social media pages so they take off like they should. Pair your posts with introductory deals such as those exclusively for your followers to help hype the products and get more fans. Who wouldn’t like a cool brand if they know liking the social media pages grants them access to exclusive deals?

Discuss these and other ideas with your marketing team to promote website content and enjoy more traffic conversions and revenue. Social media marketing is a great tool for all varieties of business. Use it! Or contact Softline Solutions today to help with your marketing goals.