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5 Great Ideas For Website Promotions

Coming up with new and fantastic ideas for website promotion may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. With a little research and some creativity you can promote your new or existing website in exciting ways with the following ideas. Use these ideas as they are or think of them as inspiration to help you come up with perfect route to your website goals.

Sponsor a Local Team

Increase brand visibility among your community if yours is a small or medium-sized business by sponsoring a local sports team. Splash your website address across the uniforms and hats and anywhere else that is applicable such as the local paper. This is a great way for any small business to increase its visibility and let customers know that investment in the community is a priority.

Respond to Controversy

Write a blog post response to a controversial article or news story within your industry and post it on your website. Anyone searching for information about the story will very likely find your post assuming you use the right keywords. Give your website and your brand/products/services considerable attention with this idea any time the situation warrants it.

Host Free Events

Host a free event if your website is part of a brick-and-mortar operation. The vast majority of consumers will go just about anywhere if there is free stuff involved so hand out freebies at the door and offer more freebies or at least great discounts when attendees sign up for your website email list or newsletter. Incentives to sign up for either of these things are outstanding ways to make your email list considerably longer and will help you bag more fans who talk tweet and post about your brand.

Write Beginner’s Guides

Fill your website’s blog or other special section with beginner’s guides on topics related to your industry. Beginner’s guides are always welcomed by the public especially if yours is a niche industry lacking in such guides. Becoming an authority on a topic or multiple topics increases your credibility tenfold and helps consumers realize that they can rely on you as a vital source of information. If they come to your site for a beginner’s guide it is likely that they will stick around and visit your other site pages to see what you’re all about. How’s that for website promotion gold?

Create an Affiliate Program

Promote your website and your brand in general by creating an affiliate program. This type of performance-based marketing requires you to pay other companies and entrepreneurs only when they make sales for you. It is subsequently a cost-effective advertising method that brings attention to your website and its products or services. It is also a great way to network with other brands and promote each other on your social media platforms and the like. Affiliate programs are therefore a double whammy in regards to website promotion.

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