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5 Benefits Of A/B Testing In Marketing

a/b testingA/B testing in the marketing world is a way to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns, such as two versions of the same landing or web page, banner ad, or email. It is a type of analytics that provides a slew of benefits designed to attract and hold the attention of your target audience. If you are new to this type of testing or have never heard of it until now, here are 5 reasons why it may be exactly what your next advertising campaign needs.

1) Improves Visitor Engagement

Creating two versions of the same page improves visitor engagement. Why? The version your target audience prefers provides insight you can use for both your current advertising campaign and all campaigns that follow. The more you test, the more insight you will gain, and the more site traffic you will likely enjoy.

2) Provides Tests For Just About Everything Website-Related

A/B testing provides the opportunity to test anything and everything to do with your website, such as the contact page, buttons, images, and of course the actual text. It also makes testing fonts, web page element position, and headline style among other things easy. Edits do not have to be large to have a positive effect on your target demographic.

3) Increased Conversion Rates & Fewer Bounce Rates

The editing and tweaking that goes into this form of testing benefits both your conversion and bounce rates. Edits that improve website visuals and functionality lessen the chance of visitors clicking on your website and “bouncing” before interacting with your content. This subsequently increases conversion rates because said visitors are more likely to purchase your products or request your services.

4) Quick & Easy Analysis

Yet another reason to utilize A/B testing is due to the quick, easy analysis it provides. Data is collected in real time so you can analyze it as soon as it becomes available and make adjustments as soon as possible. Not every test is going to provide dramatic results, which is okay, too. If you find two versions of the same page perform on basically the same level, you could simply test additional variables to discover which is the better option.

5) A/B Testing: A Cost-Effective Option

Finally, this testing option is highly cost-effective because it prevents spending money on web pages and site features that are doing nothing to help your company’s performance. Testing sidesteps making major changes after the page or site goes live, which costs time as well as money. Minimizing performance risks while simultaneously increasing your return on investment is something you cannot put a price on.

Simple, effective, and extremely helpful, consider testing your web pages before launching your new website, putting up new landing pages, or sending that next batch of emails. You will enjoy the powerful insight and feedback you need to ensure your site and everything associated with it is working to your advantage, and therefore holding current customer interest while enticing new consumers. Good luck, and may the analytics force be with you.

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