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Your Early AdWords Holiday Testing Guide

holiday-marketingInterested in running a few AdWords tests before the holiday season? It might seem a bit early, but once the school year starts, it is a mere hop, skip, and jump away from the holidays. Shopping for the holiday season starts in October according to Google, giving you even more reason to test AdWords now.

Let’s look at a few helpful AdWords testing tips to utilize before holiday craziness begins:

Make Device Performance Adjustments

Help yourself eliminate unnecessary spending and find your target audience via device performance adjustments. Launch your next Q4 campaign after obtaining answers to the following data points: 1) how your website converts across laptops, smartphones, iPads, etc., 2) how your site performs across all device options in the next six weeks, and 3) how your site performed during the Q4 period in the past, particularly last year.

These data points make it much easier to ensure your money is going to campaigns your target audiences will love.

Improve CTR With Expanded Text Ads

Improve your CTR and make certain your ads enjoy more qualified clicks by putting Google’s best two suggestions into practice. Test expanded text ads by first making sure your headlines are receiving a lot of testing attention; then rethink your creative ad strategy as needed. Provide your target audience with the value it wants by revamping headlines instead of adding another headline to a current ad. Yes, such clicks are more expensive, but when you think about what it could mean in regard to return on investment, it is well worth the effort.

Save Time And Energy With Responsive Display Ads

Use the new responsive ads from Google to reach your target audience in a shorter amount of time. These new ads from the search engine giant are dynamic in nature and will automatically resize and make adjustments based on their conditions. Target users in the display network genre by focusing on audience interest, keywords, topics, placements, and in-market audiences. Layer these options to further your specific targeting needs.

Provide Your Audience With More Information

Give your target audience what it wants: more information. The more information you offer, the more qualified clicks your website will enjoy. Google is now offering a price extension tool that provides your product or service with the transparency it needs via upfront pricing. Stop by the Google AdWords Top Vs. Other Report site to gain a thorough understanding of your ad rank, search impressions, and position average. Once you have the information you need, choose some campaigns for price extension testing.

Start your testing now…you will be very happy you did!