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Why Do I Need a Google + Account For My Business?

social seoWhen it comes to social media for your business, you have already set up a multitude of profiles. You probably have several profiles already set up and working making you feel like you’ve done a bang up job on establishing your company’s voice in social media, so why would you want to add any other profiles to keep up with?

The truth is that businesses who do not have a Google + profile may be missing out on some of the best local search engine optimization tools available. Here is why.

Google is the king of the Internet. They offer a wealth of tools to help up that are relatively simple to use. As a matter of fact, there is a good possibility that you have even used some to set up and monitor the performance of your website, conduct keyword searches for global SEO, or even set up a local business directory profile in Google Maps or Google Places. However, many people often overlook Google+ in favor of other social media platforms that may not be offering them the same benefits. However, if this is you, you may be missing out.

Google+ is quietly becoming the future when it comes to search engine ranking within the top search engine itself. In the older, more simple days of SEO, all it took to find yourself at the top of the search engine results pages list was a few cleverly placed keywords. However, today, searches are becoming much more targeted to a specific area. This means that Google in starting to place much more emphasis on websites and businesses that offer geographical information, making Google+ more important than ever before.

In order to understand how this specific social media profile can help both your local and global SEO initiatives, it is important to understand more about how it works. These pages are generated in one of two ways: through Google Places or from your own personal profile. If you have been engaged in a local SEO campaign, odds are that you have already established a profile, which has then generated a page. In order to maximize the emphasis Google places on your business is to complete your page. Not only will having another opportunity to put your name, address, and phone number as well as other promotional information on line be of benefit, but participating in social media on Google+ will also gain favor from Google, which will boost your ranking significantly. And, you get the added benefit of having information about your business shared between multiple Google tools.

Google+ may be a relatively small player in the social media world, but it has the potential to be a huge player in the local SEO and even the global SEO game, meaning that the sooner that you establish your profile and begin using it to promote your business, the farther ahead of the competition you will be when Google updates its search algorithm again. Do a Google search and locate your Google+ profile and get started using this powerful social media campaign today.