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Which Online Marketing Investment Is Better for Your Business (SEO – PPC – SMM)

When it comes to online marketing, it can seem like there are dozens of directions that you could take your website. There are all of these fancy words like SEO, PPC and SMM that are just thrown about casually by marketing companies. If you’re not familiar with these different types of online marketing methods, then you may have no idea where you want to begin spending your money. We understand this concern and as an SEO company, we want our clients to be as informed as possible. We offer Internet marketing services that can make you successful, but we want you to invest in a package that is going to not only makes sense to you, but also provide results. Some Internet marketing services are better for different businesses, so it is important to know their differences before you commit to a marketing plan.

Search engine optimization

SEO is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website, without spending a substantial amount of money. Search engine optimization is relatively inexpensive and it is very effective. Through SEO, your business can obtain targeted search engine rankings on Google and even Yahoo or Bing. Google has two sections to their search engine listings. In the primary section, these are called the organic results. Paid results are on the outside, located at the top of the page and the right hand sidebar. This is called PPC and we cover this below. To rank in the organic section through SEO, it does not cost money to advertise. However, your website has to rank your naturally. Getting your website to rank naturally can be very difficult and that is why SEO companies provide the services that you need to accomplish this.

Pay per click marketing

Like mentioned above, there is a section on Google’s search results located at the top and right hand sidebar. This section is their paid advertising section. In order to get your website ranked in this section, you have to pay money. This is accomplished through the Google Adwords pay per click marketing program. Essentially, we create an advertisement for your business and depending on how competitive the keywords are in your industry, you will have to pay a set price for every click that your advertisement receives. We can help you create a profitable ad that delivers results for your business and we set up the entire campaign for you. It’s typically more expensive than SEO, but it provides immediate results and you can calculate your ROI within just days.

Social media marketing

Advertising on social media marketing can be very effective for building your brand. While it doesn’t always provide direct traffic and sales, it can be successful for some industries. Reaching out to your target audience and having a presence on social media websites is very important, regardless of the type of business that you own. Your customers use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and websites like Pinterest, so you should too. Getting your name in front of them allows you to brand yourself and get recognized as an industry leader.