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Google Penguin And Panda Highly Beneficial To SEO, Bolstering Quality Sites

As a website and business owner, you already understand the importance of search engine optimization and how to keep on top of all the latest trends to make sure that your website stays at the top page of the major search engines. In 2012, many changes in SEO occurred, particularly with Google. Google launched their Penguin and Panda updates, which affected many different websites. Some of them were affected positively, while others were eliminated from the Internet altogether. However, the idea behind these updates was to enhance the user experience of the Internet. Google is truly the leader online for resources of products, entertainment, services, information and everything that you can possibly imagine. Although the launch of Penguin and Panda algorithms change Google’s search engine results page drastically, overall, it was for the better.

It used to be that websites on the first pages of Google were considered the most reliable and most credible. Also, any website that was considered artificial was simply eliminated from the list. This is where Penguin and Panda change SEO for the better. It works much harder to create better results for searchers, regardless of the query that they enter. What this has done, as enhanced Google’s impact on the Internet, by creating more responsible and viable query results for all searchers. Although SEO has been impacted, this is where search engine optimization writers and implementers need to stay on top of the trends and understand how Penguin and Panda affect SEO. When Panda was launched in February of 2011, there were many different websites affected because there were very few website owners that supply high quality content.

Panda eliminated thousands of websites from the Internet, because of the extensive irrelevant and even duplicate content of websites, even if they were very well known. This turned search engine optimization virtually upside down, but he was still positive, because Panda updates were continually being released throughout the year, and made every search engine query result much more valuable, viable and interesting. Panda created an exciting new environment for search engine optimization for everyone to take advantage of, including opening up new and exciting opportunities for writers quality content, the content of websites becoming more user focused and user-friendly, as well as Google search engine results pages becoming a source for only the most reliable and truthful information available.

Although it used to be all about quantity, Panda is making it more about quality. The same applied to Penguin, because” eliminated back links from websites that were of low quality, were site wide or simply a natural. It also blocked black hat SEO users and eliminated much of the spam on the Internet, because it added their website to a list of web pages that were considered nonsense. Although there was a lot of misconception and speculations about how SEO was going to work after the launch of Panda and Penguin, these misconceptions disappeared when Penguin created ethical and healthy SEO competition for all to take advantage of. This is excellent news for everyone that owns a website and pursues only the highest quality content and information, because this is what will keep you at the top.