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Trends Gaining Momentum on Pinterest

Pinterest recently shared an overview of key trends that are gaining momentum on their platform. Last December, they published their report highlighting 30 trends they predicted would grow in 2021. The latest information they provided shows that they got 80 percent of their predictions right.

Pinterest may not be the first platform you think of when you’re trying to grow your audience or reach new prospects, but it’s worth noting that Pinterest’s ability to predict the behavior and habits of Pinners can help advertisers connect more deeply with those they’re targeting.

New Tools on Pinterest

More tools are being added by this platform, such as the Pinterest Trends Tool. This tool provides insight into the most popular search terms for the last 12 months. It also provides data on when top searches peak during the year. Another tool recently introduced on this platform is Idea Pins, an evolution of Story Pins that includes fresh editing tools and updates.

Data provided by Pinterest shows that some brands are attaining success by devising strategies around key shifts. Dawn took advantage of spiced-up food trends in Bland is Banned leading to 24 percent more efficient CPMs than the benchmark for household goods. Research on Pinterest showed that people are celebrating small occasions. Based on this, Buick created a campaign around Little Moments of Big Love, leading to a 74 percent higher Video Completion Rate compared to auto benchmarks.

Aligning with Pinterest Trends and Insights

Paying attention to Pinterest trends and insights and aligning with them can boost your performance on this platform. Pinterest’s predictions can help you tie into rising user interests. Pinterest points out that trends on this platform last as much as 20 percent longer than other internet trends. Featuring these trends in your content can help it to have a longer lifespan.

Interest in this platform surged amid the pandemic-related eCommerce wave. During lockdowns, Pinterest was a place to turn when shopping malls weren’t an option. It became an important place to shop and discover products. While there’s been some decline in users since lockdowns lifted and physical stores reopened, shopping and search engagement remain solid.

Trends on Pinterest grow and evolve, and people keep revisiting them rather than engaging with them once. Pinterest users continually look for new ways to apply ideas to different areas of their lives. 

Working with Experts to Grow Your Online Presence

Pinterest is a platform that over 400 million users turn to when they want to be inspired. It’s a great place to gain insight into emerging trends and early signs of consumer interest. With the accuracy of Pinterest’s predictions last year, it’s worth paying attention to upcoming predictions and the trends that Pinterest expects to take off. 

It can be hard to keep up with the constantly changing world of online marketing. If you need help with leveraging Pinterest or any other social media platform as part of your marketing strategy, get in touch with Softline Solutions. Let us help you grow your online presence. Contact us today.