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Social Media Advertising Tips

social media marketing tips

Social media is a great platform for increasing brand awareness, but ensuring your posts and ads are seen by your target audience is more challenging than ever. The days of organic reach via social media are over, as less than 0.1 percent of content is shared more than 1,000 times. Moreover, half of social media content gets zero shares. As a result, content marketers have a tough job.

As bleak as this all sounds, there is hope, and it doesn’t involve having an endless social media advertising budget. Here are some social media ad tips to implement now:

Use Audience Targeting Tactics

Your social media fans vary widely, so it’s important to target specific sections rather than grouping everyone together and hoping for the best. Keyword targeting is one of the very best ways to achieve this goal.

Increase Your Quality Score

Your Quality Score is what Google uses to rate the relevance and quality of your pay per click ads and keywords. In Facebook World, it is called the Relevancy Score, and in Twitter Land it is referred to as a Quality Adjusted Bid. Regardless, this essential metric grows when you increase your post engagement rates. This means promoting your very best content—the posts that outperform all others.

A great way to figure out which content rules is to post frequently (and organically) on Twitter and use the social media platform’s analytics tool to determine what content is most popular. Post your top tweets to Facebook and LinkedIn (again, organically) to track what gets the most buzz and then pay to promote these narwhals on Facebook and Twitter.

Promote Highest-Performing Videos

Promote the videos on your website/YouTube page/social media pages that have garnered the most interest. Ensure the videos are short, engaging, and targeted to the right demographic. It’s also important that the videos be watchable with or without sound, as a whopping 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without hitting the ‘sound’ button.

Take Advantage of Other Social Media Options

Take full advantage of other social media platforms, such as Hacker News, Reddit, LinkedIn Pulse, Digg, and Medium. All are capable of sending your site large amounts of traffic, as long as the content is targeted to the right audience.

Try Social Media Remarketing

Promote hard offers, such as consultations and signups, with social media remarketing. This tactic increases engagement an average of three times over and increases conversion rates two times over.

Combine Social and Paid Search Ads

Use PPC search ads in combination with social ads on Google through RLSA. RLSA makes it possible to put customized search ads in front of those who have visited your site recently when they perform Google searches. It increases conversion and click-through rates up to three times, while also reducing cost-per-click. However, it does not target consumers who are unaware of your brand. Social ads are the way around this issue, as they are inexpensive and help consumers become familiar with what your business offers.