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Should I Still Use Hashtags on My Instagram Account?

Hashtags on Instagram are still an effective way to get your posts found on Instagram. A hashtag is a word or short phrase with a pound (#) sign in front of it. They’re used on Instagram and other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to group posts by topics. On Instagram, they can be added to post captions or comments. When you use hashtags, they can help your posts attract new followers and increase engagement with your target audience. The use of hashtags is a great way for you to make your posts more visible so you can reach more of the right people. 

Types of Hashtags to Use

There are many different types of hashtags that you can use to attract viewers of your posts. Brand and product hashtags can be based on the brand name, slogan or product name. Unique hashtags can be created to track a specific campaign. Hashtags can be based on location, cultural movements, phrases or days of the week. 

Pay attention to trending hashtags and those being used by other businesses similar to yours as well as what hashtags are being used by your top followers. Avoid hashtags that are banned or spammy. Banned hashtags are those that have recently been associated with inappropriate content. Spammy hashtags include those that solicit followers and likes such as #like4like or #followme.

How Many Hashtags to Use on Instagram

Every post should have at least one or two hashtags, even Instagram Stories. Even though these posts disappear after 24 hours, they still show up in search results and can attract interested followers. The maximum number of hashtags you can use is thirty, and you can use up to ten on a Story. Five to ten hashtags on each post can help you to get found, and you can also use hashtags in the first comment. Don’t use the same hashtags on every post. It’s better to rotate a variety of different hashtags, and use tags related to each post.

Test Your Results

The only way to know which hashtags or combinations of hashtags work for you is by testing. Review your results and see whether you get better results from a few hashtags or 30 hashtags. Tracking data on Instagram can be done from the native app. From the Instagram app, open the post. Tap View Insights. When you swipe up, you get a lot of important information such as profile visits and how your post was discovered. You can find out how many people found you from the hashtags you used by clicking “from hashtags” under the Impressions metric.

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