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Online Marketing trends to follow to ensure success in your campaign

online-marketing-trendsThe internet is vibrant and active, constantly changing and offering new challenges and opportunities for those capable and swift to take advantage. Think of each trend as a surfer regards a breaker. If he can catch the wave he can ride it all the way to the beach and perform the antics that get him maximum points in competition. Miss it and it is an opportunity that is gone forever.

Well like our surfer trends in online marketing can be grasped and if caught in time will ensure success. And it is dynamic. The trends and fashions of the last few years have been superseded or overtaken by current events.

The most important current wave to be caught is the explosion of smart phones, tablets and the importance of mobile media. More and more people are using these mobile devices for browsing the internet and shopping on line. A recent survey in the US put 24% of internet users as exclusively using their mobile devices for these purposes.

Now in marketing terms this is a HUGE portion of the market especially since mobile users tend to be more active so it is vital that any website has screens that are suitable for display on this kind of device.

The next trend to be followed is the importance of social media. Everyday millions upon millions of web users are logging into Facebook and Twitter and other similar social media that involve the various users communicating on line. Tapping into these potential clients has become an art in itself but it certainly involves having content, conversations and other amazing and valuable items such as attractive websites which draw people in.

It is also important to provide data on the website and when you do it should be presented in a manner that shows such data in a visual and easily comprehended manner. A table of figures is great for an analyst but a Pie Chart or a graph shows so much more.

It is advisable to expend some effort in gaining the loyalty of your customers and in keeping them buying repeat orders from you rather than seeking new customers. Retention customers are a lot cheaper to service that new ones and are a lot easier to get. Thus some effort should be expended on loyalty bonuses and special offers and discounts and other means of keeping your customers buying from you exclusively.

A last trend to be discussed here is the trend in local marketing. More and more tools are becoming available for local companies to get themselves high on the page rankings for searches in their service area while not expending effort and expensive SEO resources in areas and locations where they can not or do not provide any coverage.

Thus if one is bound by location one should carefully assess the areas where you draw you clients from and ensure that your website caters to them while not bothering abut others.

These trends, if followed and the wave caught and surfed well can only lead to increased sales from your website.