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Improving Email Click-Through Rates

Over 4 billion people use email daily and that number keeps climbing. Email marketing is an extremely important part of your overall marketing strategy. Are you happy with your click-through rate (CTR)? Your CTR refers to the number of readers who opened your email and clicked on a link in the email. When this rate is high, it means you’re providing email content that’s interesting to your audience. If it’s low, that means there’s room for improvement. Let’s look at some ways you can improve your CTR.

Segment Your Audience

If you’re sending all your messages to everyone on your list, some of them are receiving emails that aren’t of much value to them. It makes more sense to segment your list so you can send messages that are much more targeted. Use the data you have about people on your list to create smaller subgroups. When members of your target audience receive emails that are relevant to them, they’re more likely to react with interest rather than annoyance.

Are Your Subject Lines Click-Worthy?

When your prospects receive an email, whether, from you or another source, they decide in a split second if they’re going to open it. Your subject line has a lot to do with their decision. How do you stand out among all the other emails they receive in a day? Test your subject lines to see which ones are working using A/B split testing. What type of tone do people respond to? Are they more responsive to a friendly, conversational tone or to a formal, businesslike tone? Headlines that make people curious have a good chance of being opened.

Use Urgency

When your subject line lets readers know they’re running out of time to take advantage of your offer, your open rates are likely to go up. A time limit compels people to act faster. Use urgency for emphasizing a limited quantity available or a discount that’s only available for a short time.

Focus on One Thing

If your email is jumping from one topic to another, the one thing you’re succeeding at is distracting your audience. Bombarding people with multiple options probably won’t make them click. It’s more likely to make them walk away. Keep the focus on one offer or one topic and keep the email brief and to the point.

Include a Clear Call to Action 

Once you’ve captured the interest of your audience, have you made it clear what you want them to do? A link with copy can work, but a designed action-oriented CTA button is even more noticeable. Examples of CTA messages include “Register today” and “Download now.”

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