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How to use Pay per Click in your internet sales strategy

effective-ppc-conversion-strategyThere are many ways to get a piece of the action that is the multimillion dollar a day market of the world wide web.

Firstly one can try by creating a web page; add some Ecommerce components to it, include some keywords and put it out there in the hope that customers will find you and purchase your goods or services. If you are smart and lucky in your selection of keywords and manage to create an attractive website you will get a page ranking that leads clients to find you.

This strategy may work but far more probably won’t.

For each product or service out there on the webs there are thousands of would be providers, all actively doing their best to gain an edge in the market. Every day hundreds of websites are launched just like the one described above. And everyday another few hundred websites finally fall into disuse or go out of business.

Even if you have a unique niche selling fairly rare or scarce products or services there will probably be many other competitors populating that niche.

It is here where Pay Per click marketing comes into its own. Effectively you have a product and wish to get customers. Well why not pay for traffic? Instead of relying on luck or the vagaries of search engines matching your keywords to searchers wants.

Effectively you pay the search engines to display your website address and when a potential client actually clicks through to your site you pay them a few cents. It is then up to you and your web page to keep them interested and to make a sale.

This point is crucial. Statistics show that the average time anyone spends on a page when browsing is less than 30 seconds. This means that your web page must grab their attention instantly or else they will click out and you have probably lost them forever and have paid for that privilege.

But anyone who does click onto your web page through a PPC site IS a potential customer, looking for what you have to offer as there is a keyword match. They have their credit card open and ready to deploy and it is you who must get them to fill in the details.

SO; In order to embark on an effective PPC sales campaign the first essential is to make a killer landing page. It is vital that the customer is able to rapidly find what he is looking for, can navigate easily around your site, can read a full description including features and benefits as appropriate. See a clear picture (without a background or shadows if possible) and the price must be competitive, delivery terms and conditions clearly displayed and the process of purchase easy and painless for him.

PPC is also a very good strategy for checking and honing in on keywords which you can later use to include on the less expensive Search Engine Optimization route. A report is provided with each campaign showing which keywords are being effective and getting the traffic. Armed with that information one can readily incorporate them into your web page and advertise them to the web crawlers in the normal manner.