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Google’s Newest Local Search Improvement

This month Google finally solved the problem many business owners have had with the Local Business Center. Until last month, if you were a business owner who worked out of the home, Google’s Local search was not a viable option as it published the home address online for everyone to see. As of March 24, 2010 home-based business owners can get listed in the 7-pack and choose to hide their address so no one can see it.

That is not the only thing Google has changed. Many companies offer their services by going to their customers rather than having their customers come to them. Google is now offering the ability for business owners to select the radius that they service. Now when people look for your company they can see if you take clients in their specific area!

We have already gone into all of our Local client’s accounts and adjusted them to reflect the services they offer and where they offer those services. We will continue to keep you up to date on what is new with today’s search engines!