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Google’s New Smart Rescheduler

As a business owner you undoubtedly are scheduling meetings and are working hard to balance your schedule and effectively run your company. Google has made some valuable additions to their calendar that will be very helpful when you need to reschedule a meeting. First of all, if your company isn’t using Google Calendar to schedule and share meeting dates and details you should!

Create a Google account, fill out your profile as much as possible and take time to use Google to the fullest extent. They are constantly improving their services and have so many incredibly useful tools. Once you are using Google Calendar you will have access to their innovative new feature cleverly called the ‘Smart Re-scheduler’. When you need to reschedule an event in Google Calendar, the Smart Re-scheduler looks at all the calendars that have been shared with you and creates a ranked list of the best times for you to re-schedule.

This program is useful and the most effective if everyone you are scheduling with uses Google Calendar. In theory it is an excellent idea and with so many avid Google users out there, we think Google created a pretty useful tool!