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Google Penguin Update Has Revamped the Guest Posting Industry

Google_Penguin_Is_HereGuest posting has long been recognized as a great way to build your brand and create quality links, which can improve your search engine rankings. This is something that webmasters and SEO companies have known and utilized for years. However, guest posting has always been under the radar and it was never mainstream. The recent Google Penguin update has completely revamped guest posting and turned it into something that it has never been in the past. Today, guest posting is recognized as the ideal method for creating back-links  More webmasters are starting to see the potential of the permanent, one-way back-links that guest posting provides.

The Google Penguin update is calling for better quality, longer-lasting links

Since the Google Penguin update is stressing the importance of high quality links, more webmasters are starting to recognize the potential of guest posting. Guest posting is one of the only viable ways to build permanent, one-way back-links  If you are not familiar with the process, it’s actually quite simple. The goal is to write a quality article that would be worthy of a blog. You then find a niche related blog in your industry and you request to write a guest post for their website. If they approve your request, you can have your guest post published on their website and you can leave a back-link to your own website. This back-link is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the guest post. By guest posting regularly, you can build dozens of high quality back-links  which can have a substantial impact on your search engine rankings.

Guest posting offers more than just increases in ranking

When you guest post, you are going to get more out of your efforts than just an increase in ranking. In fact, guest posting has proven to provide direct traffic. If you target popular blogs in your industry that have relevant traffic, there is potential to get direct traffic back to your website. Readers of the blog post will potentially click your link and this can result in immediate traffic, which you can convert to sales once they arrive at your webpage. Guest posting offers more potential than many other types of link building. There are very few link building methods that can provide direct traffic and improve your search engine rankings at the same time.

As an SEO company, we have been using guest posting for years. In fact, guest posting was one of the fundamental link building methods that we used, long before it became popularized after the Google Penguin update. By getting guest posts on niche related websites for our clients, we are able to build long-term back-links that help our clients obtain very promising results in the search engines. These are the links that we used to rank our clients quickly and help them maintain those rankings for many years. It’s an effective strategy and it’s one that has been particularly useful for our business. If you are interested in receiving guest post for your website, be sure to contact us and ask about how we include them in our search engine optimization campaigns.