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Extreme Towing & Recovery Customer Testimonial

Randy Silver
Towing Guru

Dear Mr. Silver and Staff:

After 18 month as your client I wanted to take the time to personally thank you and the team at Towing Guru for the outstanding job you have done. I am not one who usually writes letters of recommendations, but I feel compelled to share with you the difference you all have made to our business. I receive daily emails, phone calls and flyers from companies who claim to do what Towing Guru has already done, and I fully understand how a business owner can become skeptical and hesitant in trusting that a company such as Towing Guru can provide the results that others have claimed. I too was skeptical when I first noticed your ad in the American Towman magazine, and waited several months before I actually placed a call. I found a level of comfort from the beginning in knowing that I would be dealing with a group of true professionals who understood our industry, and you solidified my trust by not over selling, promising or guaranteeing what you knew was not possible.

When we started our campaign you asked that I be patient and allow your team to do their job and the results will come. When we started I got zero calls from the internet and today I average approximately 10 potential customers looking for service in our immediate area, with a 60-70% conversion rate. Not only has our COD business increased through our placement on the web but we have been able to land several commercial accounts that use our services on a regular basis. I have been impressed with your attention to detail and enjoy when you personally call to go over our monthly placement reports, and it’s extremely nice to deal with someone who listens, understands and cares.

Towing Guru dollar for dollar is the best form of advertising we do, and has become a solid part of our foundation. In closing I would like to say I have been “Totally Satisfied” with the service, performance and communication between not only yourself but your whole team,

Thank you for the patience you have shown throughout this last year and a half.

Paul Blanco Owner

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