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Changing Scenario in PPC

What Is New In PPC Management?

It will be certainly interesting to know because we all get so much bogged down by the technical thing that we forget the creative part.
Yes, creative advertisement is what matters. This is especially evident in PPC advertising where you tend to ignore the attention of your potential customer.

After all, what you want your successful PPC ad to do is to:

•    Increase profitability
•    Enhance market share
•    Rake in more money.

Just sit and think what induces your prospective visitor to click through your ad and then finally become your customer.

Here are a few undeniable things we can think of.

Apparent Value of the Item

A visitor to your site has some compelling needs or is beset with a problem. Your ad must convince him or her that your product has a solution to their specific problem.

In addition, they will look for comfort points such as after-sales support and services.

Call for Action

A persuasive call for action is what wins the visitor over, but it is not easygoing. Visitors guard against risks – risk of wasting time and money. Time and again we see something like an offer of “Free Shampoo” only to land on a page that has many more painful processes.

Make every step seamless and easy for the visitor. A “Free Quote” is a very good idea. For a visitor, it offers no risk.

Your Key Slogans

Your key slogans are your edge. We presume you are not targeting everybody because you cannot. There is no point talking to everybody. If your prices are low, say it; or if your services are better, mention it.
Use simple and loud language that describes the key facets of your offer.

And here is one definitive approach that can propel your PPC campaign.
Go social. Yes, Google may have invented the Pay Per Click technique, but Facebook has outperformed it.

No prizes for guessing why. An ad on a Google may or may not persuade a person to buy, but when a friend recommends it on Facebook, they are convinced it is great product.

It is must for marketers to be on social media like Facebook. Your competitors are on it, and so you cannot ignore it. Even if they are not, it pays if you’re the first. Consider this. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook.

A social media network allows you to do demographic targeting – a key advantage to increase your CTR and lower your Cost per Click.

PPC is the key to online marketing today. It may be overwhelming but certainly rewarding if you do it right.