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Easy as Cake: A Recipe for Better PPC Campaign Management

PPC campaign managementMost unfamiliar tasks are made easier with instructions. We’ve found that PPC campaign management is no exception. However, the key to success is more like a recipe than a bunch of bullet points.

Think of it this way: recipes are instructions that support both a process and a tasty result. If you make a cake with great ingredients and precise measurements, you’ll end up with a great dessert. But if you skip a few ingredients, or don’t give the cake enough time to bake, the result will be inedible.

At Softline Solutions, we like eating good cake, and we like using the tips below in our PPC campaign management recipe:

Start With Good Ingredients

You don’t need flour, sugar, and eggs, but you will need a few important ingredients before you get started. Remember, the better these ingredients are, the better the outcome of your PPC campaign.

Keywords are the flour base of this recipe. Careful keyword research and selection can make all the difference in how your cake (PPC campaign) will bake in the oven (Adwords). However, this does not mean that high-volume keywords are the only type of keywords you should consider.

Cakes can be made with all kinds of flour (semolina, gluten-free!). You can make a great cake using different flour if you know how to adjust for substitutions.

For example, you may find that high-volume keywords are too expensive and competitive to bid on. Instead, choose keywords that are most relevant to your product or service but have less search volume. Compensate for this with custom landing pages, retargeting strategies, and special incentives to urge the engagement you want.

Don’t Forget the Sugar…

Landing pages are the sweet stuff in cakes. This is where you reel customers in with smart graphics and persuasive copy. Google ranks landing pages for quality, which directs traffic according to the quality and relevance of a landing page.

The sweeter the landing page is, the higher the score, so check load times on all landing pages to ensure they’re fast and functional—especially for mobile.

Ensure the landing page compliments the PPC ad and addresses whatever the user is looking for without struggle. You can increase the frequency of your ads and lower the cost-per-click by making sure your landing pages are totally sweet.

Measuring Perfection in PPC Campaign Management

Aside from using great ingredients, precise measurements are also very important. Successful PPC campaign management requires measuring success, as well as failure. You can’t do either of these things if you don’t track what you do.

For example, you won’t know if a landing page was sweet enough unless you track the results. Similarly, you won’t be able to tell if long-tail keywords are successful if you don’t track those results.

Great baking involves precision through repetition. It would be very challenging to recreate a recipe you didn’t write down, or have the instructions for. Make notes and adjustments along the way to reap the greatest rewards.

PPC campaign management isn’t as easy as pie, but it can be as easy as cake if you use these helpful tips. Contact Softline Solutions for more great tips on digital marketing.