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Paid Search Advertising

What’s the best kind of consumer? The one who is already searching for your product or service. Paid search marketing is the way to find these important consumers via pay-per-click marketing strategies. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a highly profitable investment when executed correctly, yet is continually misused or ignored. PPC makes up the foundation of Softline Solutions, and we are devoted to ensuring it becomes your greatest marketing investment.

At Softline Solutions, we utilize a hands-on approach with every marketing campaign we take on. This includes weekly optimization and updates. Paid search may not be simple, but it is the best way to drive business results over time. Our three-pronged approach of immersive research, detailed tracking, and dedicated account managers addresses the needs of each client we work with, and results in consistent, compelling brand messages.

Google Paid Search
Google enjoys some 1 trillion searches every year, making it the biggest and baddest of search engine platforms. We subsequently recommend that your campaign include paid search on the Google platform if you want to seriously compete in the PPC world.
Bing/Yahoo Paid Search
Bing and Yahoo comprise 20 to 30% of all online traffic, and while paid search on these platforms is not as competitive, it is still worth the effort. What does not work on Google make work splendidly on Yahoo and Bing, and vice versa. A paid search campaign that combines all three is therefore a very good idea.
We Do PPC Differently
At Softline Solutions, we don’t just know how paid search marketing works, it’s our business and something we do every single day. We are dedicated to making your business a great success through refined paid search marketing tools and effective strategies we’ve discovered during our tenure as PPC experts.

Our team will work with you to define tangible business goals, conduct interviews and sit in on sales meetings to become expert in your product or service, and study your industry and competitors with a detailed eye. We’ll develop the campaigns, ads, and landing pages necessary to reach your goals and meticulously track every component of your account. Our staff of paid search experts will also follow the resulting data and make the changes and adjustments necessary to high ROI.

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The Secret Sauce

There is lot to love about Pay Per Click advertising. What we love most about it is the abundance of statistical data one can use to maximize your budget ROI. Over the years, we distilled a systematic methodology to deliver tangible business results from PPC campaigns. Here it is.

My business has gone from ‘no where’ to ‘now where’ and it’s all thanks to the hard working Google Adwords geeks at Softline Solutions.


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Online Success Stories

Softline Solutions is inspired by our clients’ success. From small businesses to national brands that just aren’t getting the results they want from their web sites, our team has helped hundreds of companies develop a strong, reliable, and profitable online presence.