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Boosting Engagement with Updates to Instagram Reels

Boosting engagement with your target audience is an important way to build your business. A good way to get people more engaged is by creating short-form video clips for Instagram Reels. Recent updates to Instagram Reels may make it easier for you to thrive on this platform while you focus on increasing your reach and building stronger connections.

Discovering Fresh Content Ideas

If you’re hoping to advance your marketing strategies and discover fresh content ideas, check out Reels Trends, which is available in the Professional Dashboard. It’s a new discovery feature that can make it easier to find hashtags and audios within Reels that are trending.  With this update to Instagram Reels, you can get a better idea what’s going viral and what’s stimulating interest in your target audience. 

Leveraging the newest trends is a great way to build your audience and strengthen community around your content. While Reels Trends is similar to tools in TikTok’s Creative Center, it allows you to gain insights specific to Instagram Reels. At this point, tools provided by TikTok are more powerful and can help you to get deeper insights than what’s available on Instagram, but these recent updates to Reels are a step in the right direction.

Explore What’s Working

When you want a clear idea what’s working and what’s not, improvements to Instagram Reels are now providing better insights into total and average watch times. The amount of time your Reel has been played and replayed gives you your total watch time. Dividing watch time by the total number of plays gives the average watch time. This information helps you determine where you may have lost attention and what you may need to work on for better engagement.

Better Editing Options

New and better editing options have been added to Reels composer. Text, stickers, video and audio track editing can be incorporated on a single screen. These improvements make it much easier for creators to produce Reels that can catch the eye of people in your audience. This new editing flow resembles TikTok’s separate editing app known as CapCut. Reels continues to work on new ways to make content creation and editing easier and more intuitive.

Improved Access to Gifts

Gifts are a way for fans to show appreciation, and this feature is being expanded. When you can see which of your fans sent gifts, it’s a lot easier for you to acknowledge those who support you which can help to build better connections between you and your fans.

There’s no doubt that many of the features being rolled out are an effort by Instagram to keep up with TikTok, but that doesn’t mean that these changes won’t be beneficial to marketers. Part of an effective social media strategy involves determining the best platform for engaging your audience, but it can be challenging for businesses to keep up with the continual changes on social media

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