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51 Ways to Promote Your Local Business Online | Local Online Marketing

Advertising and promoting your local business online can seem like a daunting task. However, we have compiled a comprehensive and effective list of things you can do as a business owner to drive new customers online to your company. If you apply and focus on at least 25% of what is on this list, you are practically guaranteed to help dramatically increase your company?s exposure online.

  1. Start a company website
  2. Start a company blog
  3. Bookmark your website and blog
  4. Syndicate your blog via RSS
  5. Submit yourself to Yellow Pages
  6. Submit yourself to Super Pages
  7. List yourself in local directories
  8. Get active in local online forums
  9. Leave links to your company websites on forum signature
  10. Buy banners on related local websites
  11. Submit yourself to Google Local
  12. Submit yourself to Yahoo Local
  13. Submit yourself to Bing Local
  14. Provide Google Coupons
  15. Provide Yahoo Coupons
  16. Provide Bing Coupons
  17. Place Reviews for your Local Business Listings
  18. Submit yourself to
  19. Ask your satisfied customers for reviews
  20. Release a Geo-Targeted Press Release
  21. Setup Local Pay Per Click Campaign on Google
  22. Setup Local Pay Per Click Campaign on Yahoo
  23. Setup Local Pay Per Click Campaign on Bing
  24. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your website
  25. Submit articles about your company to article directories
  26. Bookmark your website
  27. List your company and website on your e-mail signatures
  28. Hold a contest and give something away
  29. Offer free samples of your product on your website
  30. Create and Syndicate videos about your company
  31. Join the Better Business Bureau
  32. Get links from your local chamber of commerce
  33. Submit your links to pertinent city and state governmental resources
  34. Get listed at local library web sites.
  35. Ask your supplier or manufacturer if they will list your website on their
  36. Ask other business relationships to list you on their website
  37. Promote your company through Craigslist
  38. Create a Wikipedia page about your Local Business
  39. Comment on local related company blogs
  40. If you are an active sponsor or donate to charity ask for links to your website
  41. If you are a retailer sell items on eBay to attract online buyers
  42. Create a Facebook page to promote and add Fans
  43. Create a Twitter account and tweet/follow perspective clients
  44. Create a LinkedIN account and start networking
  45. Capture your customer?s email
  46. Start an email Newsletter to your customers
  47. Send coupons to your customer?s email
  48. Send referral incentive to your customer?s email
  49. Get your business mention on Local Guide websites
  50. Advertise your business on Local Guide websites
  51. Get a local internet marketing company to do everything mentioned above for you