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5 PPC Tips That Save You Money


Pay-per-click advertising is well worth the investment when executed correctly, though it still falls under the “spend money to make money” category. If you’re looking to maximize PPC advertising without spending everything in the company piggy bank, put the following tips into practice:

Write Better Ad Copy

Help yourself save money on Bing Ads and Google Adwords by improving ad copy. Great advertising copy increases CTR and subsequently your Quality Score, or Google’s rating of keyword and PPC ad relevance and quality. This score depends on factors such as click-through rate, ad text relevance, and landing page relevance and quality, among other things. Quality Score is regarded as the main metric for advertisers to focus on, so keep this in mind when coming up with your next cost-effective marketing campaign.

Tailor Geolocation Settings

Adjust your campaign’s geolocation settings as needed to ensure you’re not only reaching your target demographic within certain sections of the country (or world), but that you’re grabbing their attention at the right time of day. Geolocation settings are some of the most-ignored features in AdWords, as many companies either don’t use them correctly or at all. Take advantage of what geolocation settings offer, particularly if your business includes a brick-and-mortar store with specific hours.

Create Negative Keyword Reports

Create a negative keyword conflict report and save yourself money. Bing Ads offers this feature to help you identify conflicts between search terms you’re bidding on and excluded negative keywords. Reports allow you to discover which keyword conflicts are costing you the most money and learn which, if any, negatives are affecting volume.

Look for New Keywords

Refresh your current keyword roster by looking for new ones to target. Long-tail keywords are more popular and relevant than ever, thanks to apps such as Google Voice Search, which frequently involves speaking in full or partial sentences rather than saying one or two words. Determine which long-tail keywords are the most workable for your business, as well as which keyword niches are going to help you. Both have a positive impact on your click-through rate so you can save money while improving your Quality Score.

Say Goodbye to Landing Pages

Let go of your campaign’s landing pages in favor of call-only campaigns. Why? Even the most well-thought-out, beautifully designed landing page can be the kink in your conversion wheel. Consumers are more likely to end their shopping experiences or stop their downloads when they hit a landing page. Say bye to your landing pages now and implement a call-only campaign instead. The latter is ideal if you want to encourage phone calls via PPC campaigns.

Use these tips and see if you don’t save more money on your next PPC effort!